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Cassandra Stamm
Paving The Way To Justice

An Aggressive Appeal Can Get You A Second Chance

Last updated on March 18, 2022

A conviction does not mean that your criminal case is finished. You may have a chance to overturn the conviction on direct appeal or through post-conviction litigation (including a personal restraint or habeas corpus petition). Rather than give up hope, work with me at the Law Offices of Cassandra Stamm, PLLC.

As a defense attorney with more than two decades of experience, I have a thorough understanding of the many complex rules and regulations of appellate and post-conviction law. I have helped numerous clients get a second chance by turning devastating convictions on their heads. Even in a late phase of litigation, I can assist you in maximizing the likelihood of securing favorable results.

What Are My Options For An Appeal?

The criminal court system allows several opportunities for those convicted of crimes to challenge the terms of their convictions. In my practice, I have handled a variety of appeals in cases ranging from misdemeanors to felony offenses. Some of the legal options that you and I may explore include:

  • Direct appeals
  • Personal restraint petitions
  • Habeas corpus petitions
  • Clemency applications
  • Pardon applications

However, there are limits on when and how you may seek review of your conviction. The likelihood of overturning any criminal conviction generally decreases as time passes. If you run out of alternatives, your conviction will stand.

Crucial Appellate Law Experience And Knowledge

It is critical to have a lawyer who knows the process inside and out, beginning to end. I have the benefit of more than 20 years of experience handling serious criminal cases at trial and every stage thereafter. When you work with me, I will exhaustively examine your case from every angle, carefully assessing legal as well as factual deficiencies and crafting the best possible defense based on the same.

Ask Me About Appealing Your Conviction

You do not have to give up hope; work with me for an aggressive appeal. Reach out to me at Law Offices of Cassandra Stamm, PLLC, to discuss your situation. You can contact me toll-free at 888-613-4404 or you can send an email.