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Six things to avoid doing if you’re under federal investigation

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2021 | Federal Crimes

If a Seattle area resident is under federal investigation or charged with a federal crime, it is an extremely stressful time. These are serious charges that can affect a person for the rest of their lives. Making sure a person’s rights are protected and their case is handled as correctly as possible is key. The following are six things a person should not do if they are under federal investigation.

Don’t talk about the investigation

A person under federal investigation should not discuss the case with friends and loved ones. Doing so can actually exacerbate the case and cause more problems down the line. Anyone that a person speaks with may be interviewed later. If they don’t know all the facts, they may accidentally twist or misinterpret things that were shared in confidence.

Don’t handle criminal process alone

If a person is facing federal charges, they should find a criminal defense attorney who handles federal crimes immediately. They will make sure their client’s rights are protected and the right steps are taken.

Don’t ignore subpoenas

If a person has been asked to come in for questioning, provide evidence for a case, or subpoenaed to testify, it is important that they do what is asked. Their criminal defense attorney can help their client provide enough details for the investigation which may help them stay out of court.

Don’t meet with federal investigators alone

A person may have a hard time handling questions from federal investigators on their own. It is important that they always have their attorney present during any meeting with prosecutors.

Don’t destroy evidence

It may be a person’s first thought to destroy evidence that may implicate them in a crime. This may include deleting emails, shredding documents or removing computers from their home. This can make a person look even more guilty and should not be done. It is also a crime.

Don’t lie to investigators

It is important to stick to the facts and be as honest as possible. Lying is a crime in and of itself and can lead to even more charges.

Being under investigation for a federal crime can be stressful but having an attorney to help navigate the process and defend their client’s rights should be a defendant’s first action.