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Prosecutor missteps lead to successful appeal for new trial

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Criminal Law

In Washington State, people who are accused of violent crimes have a great deal to worry about. There is a chance they will be convicted and spend a significant time incarcerated. Depending on the crime, they might even be imprisoned for the rest of their lives. Prosecutors and law enforcement will aggressively pursue people accused of murder and other acts of violence. That can sometimes lead to mistakes when investigating and prosecuting the case. Although people on trial might not think there is a major chance to lodge a successful appeal, there are many ways to scrutinize the case and it is possible to have a negative verdict overturned for a second chance at a positive outcome.

Man charged with murdering mother gets new trial on appeal

A man who was convicted of the 2017 murder of his mother has been granted a new trial after appealing. The man is alleged to have murdered his mother, 77, with whom he lived. After the 2018 guilty verdict, he received a prison sentence of more than 20 years. According to his defense, however, the prosecutor committed several violations during the trial to taint the case. The man stated that his mother was killed by an intruder after which the man fought and chased the intruder from the home.

The prosecutors said otherwise. According to them, he killed his mother and used money they had saved to purchase a home. That home was scheduled to close on the day of her death. In the appeal, it was found that the analogy used by the prosecutor was improper, trivializing and making confusing statements regarding the burden of proof for a conviction. It is believed to have impacted the verdict. With that, the conviction was reversed. The prosecutor is considering its options and might ask for the case to be reviewed by the state Supreme Court.

Understanding the appeals process with experienced legal assistance

Even after a person has been convicted of a crime, there are options to consider with appeals and post-conviction relief. People might think it is fruitless to try and overturn a verdict, specifically when it is for a terrible crime. Still, it is possible that mistakes were made, evidence was faulty, or prosecutors and law enforcement did something that violated the suspect’s rights. After a conviction, the entire case should be assessed to determine how to proceed. When thinking about how to move forward, having legal assistance from those who are well-versed in appeals may be beneficial to achieve a positive result and get another chance.