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Alleged serial bank robber arrested

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Federal Crimes

Anyone who has watched local news over the past few months has likely heard the story of the well-dressed bank robber. This person allegedly robbed multiple banks and wore professional business suits, which became his signature. Now, the police claim they have arrested the serial bank robber.

The robberies

The man allegedly robbed multiple banks between April 21 and May 6 in Tacoma’s north end. This includes robbing two bank in the same day, which is why he was dubbed a serial bank robber. According to the Tacoma Police Department, he would hand notes to tellers telling them that it was a robbery and to comply.

The investigation

According to TPD, they received a tip that someone witnessed the robber drive away in a Hyundai Iconic and even provided a license plate number. After getting a search warrant, TPD detectives claim that they arrested the alleged perpetrator at the Bridgeview Apartment complex on Oct. 11.

After the arrest

According to Pierce County prosecutors, they charged the local man with one count of first-degree of attempted robbery, two counts of second-degree robbery and once count of second-degree attempted robbery. It is unclear why an alleged “serial” robber is only be charged with two counts of actual robbery and two counts of attempted robbery. Though, PCP said that when the interviewed the local man, he has pleaded his innocence. Apparently, he has an injury that stops him from working and has experienced extreme financial hardships.

Federal crimes generally

For Seattle, Washington, residents that are accused of bank robbery, this can fall into a state felony or a federal felony, depending on the facts of the case. And, just because one is charged locally with a state felony does not mean that the Department of Justice will not file to have the case moved to federal court on federal felony charges. This is why it is so important to start building a strong criminal defense immediately.