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Is it impossible to find a job after serving time?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2022 | Criminal Law

Adjustment to life after prison can feel intimidating. You may find yourself wondering if you will ever feel comfortable or if you will ever recover from the actions of your past.

Getting yourself a job is an excellent way to feel productive and regain some control of your life. While the process may have its challenges, your vigilance and desire may help you achieve a satisfactory result.

Start conservative

While you may desire to get a consistent, 9-5 job that has benefits and opportunities for growth, you may find better success if you start more conservative. Consider jobs including janitorial work, construction, customer service, food preparation or even random maintenance work. Your first goal may be as simple as demonstrating your skills, proving dependability and highlighting your ambition.

As you rebuild your resume and acquire some work experience, you may consider other alternatives. Business Insider also suggests looking for resources in your community that can help you improve and refine your skills. In preparation for job interviews, consider how you can discuss your past in a manner that allows you to show improvement and resilience.

Consider volunteering

In addition to your formal job, look for opportunities to volunteer in your community. For example, you may consider helping at a homeless shelter, putting together hygiene kits for people in need, starting a community garden or encouraging recycling. Your involvement with volunteer work may reinforce your claims of wanting to live a different life. After witnessing your work, others may start to view you differently which may improve your credibility and strengthen your reputation.

A criminal past does not have to shatter your hopes for the future. With a bit of hard work and determination, you can take control of your life and build the future you desire.