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What is a white-collar crime?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | White Collar Crimes

Fewer criminal charges confuse quite like those that fall under the umbrella of white-collar crimes. Absent knowledge of these types of crimes, a person may unintentionally commit them.

There are several ways the authorities may attempt to convict a person of crimes that fall in this category. Learning the basics of white-collar crimes may assist in a defense against them.

What is a white-collar crime?

Professionals, particularly in finance, run a greater risk of getting charged with a white-collar crime. Simply put, these crimes do not involve violence but instead hinge on deception to gain a financial advantage. A white-collar crime may also extend to the act of concealing money. The reason behind the crime is typically financial gain for an individual or a business.

What are examples of white-collar crimes?

The range of offenses that the authorities classify as white-collar crimes include:

Identity theft

Gaining access to a person’s sensitive information to steal his or her money falls under identity theft. Even swiping another person’s credit card to pay for a good or service may fall under this category.

Falsifying financial records

Cooking the books, so to speak, is a white-collar crime because it intends to purposely misguide investors into believing a business is doing better than it is.

Money laundering

Money laundering involves taking ill-gained money from a criminal enterprise and making it appear legally made by funneling it through a respectable business.

White collar crime convictions may carry sentences that range from a loss of business license to federal jail time. If facing such a prospect in Washington State, enlisting the help and guidance of a professional may prove beneficial.