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Cassandra Stamm
Paving The Way To Justice

Have You Received A Disciplinary Action Notice?

When a judge receives notification of a commission or judicial investigation, an attorney is notified of a Washington State Bar Association grievance, or a Bar applicant is informed of a character and fitness inquiry, the stakes are high.

For a judge, lawyer or bar applicant, an allegation of wrongdoing can be devastating. In addition to any consequences that might flow directly from a criminal conviction, such professionals face the loss of their ability to make a living, to practice their chosen profession and to fulfill their life’s passion. When the Commission on Judicial Conduct (CJC) or Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) come calling, the Law Offices of Cassandra Stamm, PLLC, is prepared to respond aggressively.

How I Can Help

Too often in these contexts, where evidentiary rules may be relaxed and the respondent may not have the ability to remain silent without suffering an adverse inference, the focus on proof and trial practice can be lost. Importantly, the CJC bears the burden of proving the alleged basis for judicial discipline. Likewise, the WSBA must prove misconduct before discipline can be imposed. And because a Bar applicant bears the burden of proving character and fitness to practice, aggressive advocacy is always critical.

In my legal practice, I fight to hold those agencies to their burdens, bringing the same focus I apply in my criminal cases to those disciplinary cases. I look first to the ability of the disciplinary authority to prove the misconduct, carefully examining their evidence (or the lack thereof) so that my clients can make informed decisions about how to most effectively maintain their ability to practice their chosen profession.

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