Paving The Way To Justice In Hawaii

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Paving The Way To Justice In Hawaii

Sex Offense Charges Can Ruin Your Future

An accusation that a person has committed a sex offense can be devastating and have life-long consequences. Just hearing the charges – sexual assault, sexual assault of a minor, indecent exposure, promoting sexual abuse of a minor (aka child pornography), electronic enticement of a child, indecent electronic display to a child (aka sexting a minor), violation of privacy (aka revenge-porn) – can make the charged person feel hopeless. Convictions on such charges can carry long terms of imprisonment, parole, and sex offense registration and also have long-term effects on professional licensing, employment, education, and housing.

Finding And Exposing The Truth In A Sex Offense Case

Every sex offense case starts with an accusation and too often an erroneous assumption, ‘why would the accuser say this if it was not true?’ In reality, false sex offense accusations do happen for myriad reasons. I have investigated and exposed those reasons on multiple occasions in various circumstances. Perhaps the alleged victim made up the allegation to get revenge for some perceived wrong-doing by the person accused. Perhaps the accusation was made to get advantage in family court. Often the answer is far more complex. The key to addressing these accusations is to investigate them thoroughly, often with the assistance of experts. At the Law Offices of Cassandra Stamm, PLLC, I have the experience and know-how to do just that, having handled such cases since 1999. I can help Hawaii residents fight back against these charges.

It’s Best To Take Action Immediately

You may want to call an attorney while you are under investigation and have not yet been charged. Getting started early can be beneficial to your defense. You can, however, contact me at any time. Just call my Kauai office at 888-613-4404 or reach me online.