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Cassandra Stamm
Paving The Way To Justice

What You Need To Know About Post-Conviction Defense

When a person is convicted of a serious criminal offense and the conviction is upheld on direct appeal, the path forward can be difficult to make out and navigate. I am attorney Casey Stamm. Procedural and substantive hurdles abound, but I have been successfully litigating criminal cases post-conviction for over two decades, turning cases that had initially been lost into victories for my clients.

Knowledgeable Representation Is Crucial

If you have been convicted and lost your direct appeal, post-conviction relief (typically through a personal restraint petition or a habeas corpus petition) may be effective in securing release from custody and reversal of the conviction. Even if those avenues have been unsuccessful, relief may still be available via a petition for resentencing pursuant to recently enacted SB 6164 or SSB 5867, or clemency or pardon application. I can help in these situations, among others, including:

  • Direct appeals from criminal convictions in local, state and federal courts
  • Personal restraint and habeas corpus petitions
  • Motions for relief from judgment pursuant to Washington Criminal Rule 7.8
  • Motions to correct or reduce sentence pursuant to Federal Criminal Rule 35
  • Petitions for resentencing pursuant to SB 6164 or SSB 5867
  • Clemency or pardon applications

I have the skill and experience to help convicted persons successfully navigate the labyrinth of available post-conviction options to maximize the chances of obtaining a positive outcome at even a very late stage in the litigation. I am experienced and equipped to reevaluate a case after conviction and find issues or evidence that others may have missed or overlooked.

For Experienced Guidance, Call Today

Contact my firm, the Law Offices of Cassandra Stamm, PLLC, at 888-613-4404 for help with criminal cases after conviction on direct appeal and thereafter in personal restraint, habeas corpus, SB 6141, or clemency/pardon petitions.