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What are the rules for a post-conviction relief petition?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Criminal Law

If you wish to file for post-conviction relief, you will have to petition the court to make your request. On the actual document you will use, there is a list of rules you must follow.

The Petition for Post-Conviction Relief requires you to answer every single question on the form. You must type it or handwrite it, but it must be legible.

Must submit in proper order

You must follow all rules in the petition. If you fail to do this, the court may not file your petition. You cannot file additional papers with the petition. Anything additional you wish to include must be separate as a memorandum.

Your petition must include all the grounds for relief and evidence you have supporting your right to seek relief.

You need to have two copies and the original, which you will mail to the Clerk of Courts in the county of the court handling your case.

Gather the right information

Since you must have the right details in your petition, it is essential to know what information you need. You must have all the details about your case, including the docket number and dates. You also must have the specific sentence information and the exact charges you faced. Make sure you include everything.

If you appealed, you also need that information. You will need to make sure that you answer every single question fully and accurately.

Any mistake within your petition could set back your attempt for post-conviction relief. You need to be very careful because the form you file is essential to getting the outcome you desire.