Paving The Way To Justice In Hawaii

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Paving The Way To Justice In Hawaii

Drug Crimes Can Come With Devastating Penalties

In 1971, the ‘War on Drugs’ was declared by then-president Nixon. Now 50 years later, drug abuse and the drug trade has continued more or less completely unabated, while communities and families suffer the consequences of ongoing ineffective drug prosecutions and destructive sentences for drug convictions. While the pharmaceutical companies and actual drug kingpins always seem to avoid prosecution, the smaller players are held up as examples and punished for all the harms caused by illicit drugs even though they are very often also the victims thereof.

For more than 20 years, I have fought the consequences of this futile war on drugs and done everything I can to help my clients avoid becoming casualties thereof. At the Law Offices of Cassandra Stamm, PLLC, I defend these offenses just as aggressively as any of the other cases I handle. I have vigorously challenged all manner of search and arrest warrants, wiretap authorizations, canine alert evidence, fingerprint and DNA analyses, and forensic testing of various substances.

I have also sought out treatment-based solutions as alternatives to prison when the situation has warranted it. I have seen the ravages of drug addiction on my clients, their families and their communities. I have also seen amazing recoveries and victories that give me the energy to continue this fight. With over 20 years’ experience handling these types of cases, I am well-equipped to identify each and every possible avenue for success.

I Am Here To Help You Fight Back

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